Yes. In the Products and Packs section, you can see a sample of the finishes and features.

We make 2 sizes of the panoramic 27×38 and the square that is 30×30. The album pack also includes 2 smaller albums (28×21 panoramic and 25×25 square) in case you want to give them to your parents or relatives.

We work with the best laboratories in the sector, the finishing of our albums is of the highest quality. You can choose the size, we usually work the sizes of 30 x 30 and 27 x 38, although there are more options.

Any doubt that you have to comment on it personally.

In addition to your wedding album, we include the parents’ album, a nice detail about them, which is exactly the same as yours on layout and quality, but smaller, just half the album of wedding.


Our reporting style consists in a search of what is natural and spontaneous, so we are usually far from conventional.

We are perfectly aware that many people do not like having to put on the photos and also think that it is not too photogenic, so we prefer to take natural and spontaneous photographs, so that you are surprised how you leave when you are yourselves.

We can not guarantee that everyone goes out, but if we try to see the greatest number of people. Our style is characterized by capturing good images, instead of paying attention to each and every one of the guests. However, we strive to photograph those closest family and friends and those special people who tell us.

The pre-wedding session is, as its name suggests, a session held before the wedding in order to have a reminder before marrying. In addition, it is a very good way to work together before and get more trust between us. Having made a photo or video session you will be much calmer and more comfortable in front of the camera on the wedding day.

We can also take advantage of the pre-wedding photos to make the invitations and / or the personalized photo carriers to give the photos of groups the same day of the wedding.

The post-wedding session takes place on a different day from that of the wedding, once this has already been done. This day you put on the dresses again and we can take photos without much tension or nerves, and with a much broader margin of time than on the wedding day. It’s time to be able to make the most fun, interesting and original photos. It is better to give more use to your dresses, before it finishes inside a box in the storage room.

The wedding is your great day so we treat it, during the meetings we will discuss on this topic, there are many types of couples and not all of them give the same importance to all things, as professionals in the sector, we will adapt to your needs without losing our essence. So, if you want group photos, of course you will have them.

We can also take advantage of the photos of the pre-wedding to make the personalized photo carriers to give the photos of groups the same day of the wedding.

It is very important that there is a minimum organization for these photos, otherwise we can spend too much time in the end. Our advice is to keep in mind that you want photos and with whom you want, in the form of a list or mental map, and that one of the relatives or guests help us organize.

The perfect Gift for your guests.

On the same wedding day, a group photo with the boyfriends is given to the attendees. The photography measures 13x18cm and is delivered in a fully personalized photo holder.

We love adapting to any weather situation. We have taken photos with sun in the heat of August, weddings in the rain, night weddings … and in each of them we take advantage of these circumstances and we try to take advantage of them to give them an original and different character.

In our gallery you can see different examples.

Of course. We have done and do any type of marriage link: civil, religious, in courts, hermitages, farms, in the middle of a field or at the top of a mountain, ceremonies of an hour and a half and fifteen minutes, at morning or early morning, with sun of justice or 5 degrees below zero …

Yes, of course. We can adjust our budget to the type of wedding you want. Once again we encourage you to contact us for more details.

If. With each photographic report, we deliver all the images of the wedding in high resolution, free from any type of watermark, so that you can make your own copies, albums, etc. We usually deliver between 700 and 1200 photos.

One of our slogans, “modern, fresh and fun”, is what defines our style, constantly evolving and improving, we devote much of our time to delve into the new techniques and products, to achieve a full satisfaction of our customers . We like to go unnoticed, let’s act freely and we will take care of capturing all the moments of that day. We do not like to overwhelm the boyfriends, with traditional innings, first because the less we bother you, the more you enjoy the company of your loved ones this day and second our style moves away from the typical forced positions.

We release all the photos taken on this day, except for those that do not seem appropriate, usually between 700 to 1,200 photos, in high resolution and without watermarks.

Yes, each of the photos we give you have passed through “our hands”, improved in colors, general exposure, among other things, but always keeping the essence of things. We do not like reloaded tweaks, nor the strange effects of modes. We want our photos to be as natural as possible, avoiding excessive tweaks and creating images that speak for themselves.

Our commitment is to allow customers to enjoy their images as soon as possible, and it is one of our primary objectives.

Deliveries in some cases accelerate and in others they are delayed depending mainly on the time of the year. As a mean, we can say that we deliver all the photos of the wedding in digital format between 2 months and 4 months after the big day.

If, without a doubt, thanks to our experience as wedding photographers, we know the importance of having enough equipment to cover your wedding, even with some unwanted setbacks, do not worry!

Like the album, if you need copies of photos, for you, family, friends, we can request this service in the same laboratory where they produce the album, the result of the photos is of very good quality, both on paper as in print

Of course, in addition to the photos in the album you will have all your photos on a USB so that you can keep them, in turn, we will create your custom gallery on the web so that your family and friends can see all the photos wedding photos

The album box has the Foto & Film logo, the cover of the album goes with your names.

So much no problem, but we prefer to make them between the ceremony and the appetizer, once you eat the guests it is quite difficult to find them all, anyway we plan to anticipate all these things.

It does not influence anything in the number of photos. We say between 700 and 1200 to say some reference, the truth is that we are not counting the photos we deliver or we set a limit to deliver. We assure you that amount, from there weddings of 701 up to 1200 photos, it all depends on what happens during the day, emotions, feelings … Things to live!

If you want you can print fast to deliver photos to guests on the same day …

We make a selection, since during the day we may end up making 2000 photos or months to ensure each and every one of the moments of the day.

We use cameras of the latest generation Mirrorless 4K and deliver the final result in high definition, with a resolution of 1920 × 1080 lines.

We always record in 4K for the best quality, trying to adapt to your viewing possibilities. So we will see a high definition copy on a pen drive with 3 DVDs.

We can not guarantee an exact duration because as we have said at the beginning, each person is different, and each wedding is different; And until we see everything that happens and the material we have, we can not calculate the exact time of the final assembly. But our experience tells us that 20-30 minutes are usually the approximate duration of the videos, because we do not like stretching the videos unnecessarily. Do not worry because you will not miss anything. We like to tell a story, show what happens in this day, be your memories for the future, because some of us have also married and we know that many things happen later that day that you do not remember. It invests a lot of time, money and effort so that all the details are lost in the memory.

Our videos include three different assemblies. All day video. A video of a summary of about three minutes and an additional chapter with the extensive versions of the ceremony and banquet.

We do not shoot the guests individually.

We show those details and important moments that take place during the day, without anyone paying attention to our presence.

The film includes approximately nine to twelve songs. Before beginning the assembly we like that you offer us a list of songs that you like and identify you. Later, we analyze if they can fit with the images and the moments of the wedding, and we try to include as many as possible. The rest is chosen by us.

It is important to know that there are several aspects to be taken into account when selecting a song suitable for a given moment in the video. Sometimes it’s not enough to think of a song just because we like it, it’s good to see if it works narratively. That is, if it accompanies the images allowing the message to be transmitted, if it fits, if it works. So if you prefer to leave everything in our hands, go ahead, surely you will be surprised.

Since we’ve passed the list of songs (if you want to include music chosen by you) you must count between two and four months.

The “raw” video captures can be delivered to you in about five fifteen-minute movies each in quicktime HD format, recorded as data on a DVD. Check rates.

In some churches and in few restaurants they charge a fee or supplement so that a professional accesses their facilities to do a video or photo job.

It will depend on you to decide if you are willing to pay this fee, under no circumstances will Foto & Film take care of this fee, totally or partially.

We currently reside in Berga (Barcelona), where our producer is and receive our clients. If you are interested, in our services on our website you have all our contact information, send us an email to or by calling the numbers:

– 938216590 (Berga Producer)

– 660599330 (Jordi Merino)

– 600.97.33.63 (Jordi Galera)

You can contact us whenever you want, we work full time, except when we are covering a report, in this case, do not worry, send us an email, with your data and wedding date and we will get in touch with you at a term less than 24 hours.

Of course, we do reports throughout Catalonia and abroad.

Our rates include an approximate displacement of 100 km from Berga that is where we have the producer. For the rest of the places, we apply the minimum costs of travel, fuel, maintenance and in the case of overnight, it would also include the accommodation, for which we would reach an agreement with the client, we do not apply a fixed price, since The distances and cities are not the same, the expenses vary greatly and we like to agree a price with the customer, we always propose a minimum amount.

The normal wedding day coverage includes from the boyfriend’s preparations, the bride’s house with hairdressing salon, makeup …, ceremony, outdoor, guest, dance and final party. In addition, we always advise pre-wedding, as we will not only get some fantastic photos dressed informally, otherwise it is also a way to get to know your photographer and / or wedding videographer, create more confidence and lose fear the camera, obtaining a very positive result in all aspects.

We also offer post-wedding reports, undoubtedly something that is getting more and more, where you will be dressed as a couple and in a special location, you will spend a good time being the protagonists of a natural, fresh and funny story. In addition to more extras and different options you can see in our packs.

No problem, before going to a wedding, whether we know it or not, we always take references of the site, either through a previous visit alone or with you (this way you can also explain what you can spend what you would like).

For us it is essential to recover the forces after all hours of work!

For this reason, we would like to thank you for offering us a meal during the invitation. The ideal moment is during the banquet itself, so we do not lose anything. With the full stomach we will continue to work for you with 100% renewed energy!

Currently, many couples are hiring us without having a meeting in person with us, we do so via phone, WhatsApp, Telegram, Skype, mails or any other platform, where we can do it “virtually”. Therefore, do not worry, we will inform you in detail, when you need it.

When you decide on which product you are interested in, we will send you a contract for you to review and sign up. Once you send us signed, we will ask you to send us a transfer of the payment and signal of € 900 + VAT.

In this way we will proceed to make the official reservation of the date. During the week before the wedding there will be a payment of the remaining 50%, and the remaining 50% upon delivering your record.

Prior to booking, we will get in touch to guarantee that the date of your wedding is free, from that moment on will be made the reservation, prior payment of the payment and signal. There is no stipulated time, but the sooner you have it clearer, we make only one wedding per day and a limited number of weddings per year. So we advise you, as soon as possible, contact us.