They have long been a family of three and are dying to celebrate it!

Maria and Pere already have a son… Quirze!

It is a hot day … Pere and Quirze change in the room of Peter Pan of La Mussolera … they are beautiful!

Maria is in the same farmhouse and prepares in Anna Frank’s room … she wears a beautiful dress!

The first to arrive at the Sanctuary of Queralt are Pedro and Quirze, who must arrive earlier and see the entrance of Maria … Pedro from the end of the hall and in Quirze from the first banks of the church … it is spectacular!

And they are already married! Everyone to the banquet that Estany Clar, has prepared, who always takes care of every last detail …

And the celebration ends with the magnificent dance of the bride and groom by Jordi Rego.

Congratulations family!

Mireia "Goka"