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Jordi Merino

Videographer | Post-production Film |

I studied what I felt and so far, I have done everything possible to work from what I love, camera, editing and post-production.

I started video recording events more than 15 years ago. First Photo Luigi (Berga) and then the Art of Light (Igualada).

In 2006 I launched my little treasure: ProduccionsMC. Here you will find many samples of my work …

In 2011 I was a co-founder and videographer of Inuvis, a project parallel to ProduccionsMC, until 2016 that Photo & Film was born.

Foto & Film … is a personal project that we share along with all this great team!

We will try to make dreams come true!

Eudald Corominas

Videographer |

Not only do I like my work, but I love it!

I started my path to EMAV where I studied Audiovisual Production and I continued to do things for music groups, small productions, and even half a year on TV3.

I am currently a fourth year student at the ESCAC film school.

I want to be a month of your party and make it unique!

Eva Puig

Layout | Pre-selection | Color Blade |

From always with the very clear ideas, everything began to be able to study image where I wanted …

Strict and very detailed force, but always in the background.

I have a very felt vision of the “frame’s” of life and I love to spy on them and make them from behind a goal.

Since 2006, providing moral and professional support, to Jordi Merino from ProduccionsMC, an illusion more than shared …

And since 2016, trying not to stop dreaming about the Photo & Film project.

Jordi Galera

Photographer |

One always seeks to define, meet, meet …

Because of this, when I discovered the picture I found out what really filled me artistically and emotionally.

I am not in favor of the artificial thing, not organizing anything will move us to spontaneous and real moments, emotions and feelings that can almost touch.

Being able to capture and transmit emotions of the times lived and with a personal stamp is the best gift for me.

I have the official RPAS Dron pilot title.

Through Rosal we are operators certified by AESA.

Judith Vera

Illustration | Design | Photographer |

I am passionate about design, photography and handmade things.

After years working in front of a computer, with a camera in hand and the other a pencil …

I decided to take my way here: Judith Vera

That’s why and because I like to take care of the last detail in the most special moments … I want your day to be 100% yours and above all …

Let it be forever!

Xavi Garcia

Drone Pilot |

My wish, my purpose … is to be able to immortalize your most special moments from the sky.

Being a Dron pilot is not just to pilot an aircraft, it is to feel the sensations that we record frame to frame from an infinitely different, spectacular, exciting perspective …

I have the official RPAS Dron pilot title.

Through Rosal we are operators certified by AESA.

This project has offered me the opportunity of one of the things that I like the most in the world … The world in sight of a bird!

Dare to eternalize your most special moments from the sky!

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