We want to be one more from the party!

After a long professional career separately in the world of the audiovisual image, in 2016 our paths crossed and at the same time, a great friendship arose. Jordi Galera as a photographer and Jordi Merino as a videographer, we decided to start up our project with a personal stamp: Foto & Film.

We look for the naturalness, with the security of being able to obtain the best snapshots from different points of view.

We work with high definition and 4k. During post-production, we take great care of the final look of the photographs and film, we are very demanding and flexible … we must deliver everything that is perfect!

We attach importance to personal treatment and yes, we believe in feeling!

If you are not comfortable with us, the result will not be desired. That’s why we like to meet the boyfriends before, and thus not having to break the ice the same day of the wedding.

We observe the world through our goals and we consider that a fact so important for the life of two people deserves to be treated with delicacy and discretion to obtain a unique and different memory. We are natural, senses and spontaneous, and we want to capture things as they pass without forcing any situation.

We are here to explain your story!

Latest posts in the Portfolio

Latest posts in the Portfolio

We have it clear…

Your great day is our great day!

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Foto&Film by ProduccionsMC
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